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J.B. Hogan has penned a modern-day ‘On The Road’ story that captures you from the beginning and won’t let you go. This is a story about finding yourself in the modern world, of relationships, past and present, and of figuring out that living in the present is the only way to be happy. This is Hogan’s finest work because it comes from deep within and smolders with familiarity. If you are of a ‘certain age,” this story will resonate and stay with you for a long time. —Ron Parham, Author of Molly’s Moon and Copperhead Cove

Traveling with author J.B. Hogan gave me a sense of disturbing peace. The author writes with an ease that sets the mind to thinking about all kinds of possibilities. Life could turn in so many ways, and Hogan allows his characters to wander a bit in many directions. He has a perfect sense of place and time, of thoughts and desires that we have all experienced at one time or another. I happily followed him from California to Florida. Much like his character, not sure what I might discover at the end, or perhaps what I yearned to discover. Yet the story is so comfortably satisfying I was happy to arrive at my destination. Hogan is a writer who does not waste words, though he contemplates the meaning of life often. Living Behind Time is an enjoyable road trip well worth taking. — Velda Brotherton, Author of Beyond the Moon

Jack Kerouac went looking for America. J.B. Hogan found it, and proves you actually can go home again, but only if you’re prepared to do a bit of remodeling. He channels Kerouac, Woody Guthrie, and Janis Joplin into an existential trip across America I couldn’t stop reading and can’t stop thinking about. This is the perfect novel for the children of 60’s-generation parents who are still trying to figure out what makes their folks tick. Brilliantly written, easy to read, impossible to forget, I was sorry to reach the final page. If Frank Mason takes another road trip, I’ll gladly chip in for gas. —John T. Biggs, Author of Owl Dreams and Popsicle Styx