Jerry HoganHi and welcome to my author’s website.

I’m J. B. Hogan and I’ve been writing for a long time – I mean, a REALLY long time! If you like realistic writing, you’ve come to the right place. I believe that fiction, in particular, should adhere to what is possible in an empirical world.

Having said that, you’ll find quite a bit of time travel fiction among my works. I love to use this technique, which relies of course on magic (no one can time travel as far as we know so far) but once I’m in my other world beyond the shift in time, the rules of realistic fiction once again apply. (Actually, a lot of times time travel is an excuse to write historical fiction – but don’t tell anyone!)

So, in other words, in my work you’re not going to find heroes beating up dozens of people at one time, you’re not going to get the intervention of deities or other beings (unless I’m making a specific point about the non-existence of such things) and there are no unrealistic happy endings.

In fact, as a rule, happy endings seldom show up much in my work at all. In my experience, life doesn’t usually end very happily. That’s the reality of it. Now, if you happen to really like the darker side, check out my poetry – a friend of mine refers to it as the “Black Death.” A word to the wise!

Anyway, welcome to my webpage. You’ll see ads for all my books and links where you can buy them should you be so disposed.

Thanks for dropping by. Hang out for a while. You’ll see that reality isn’t such a bad place after all.